Cache invalidation: the right way

A dead-easy module for Joomla (3/4) that will
immediately invalidate all the browser cached assets (css/js).

Download J#3 Download J#4

The problem

Often, when developing/creating a new website, many intermediate versions of the static assets are created in order to achieve a given design.

But when you need to share the staging work, people might already have a previous version of the file, so they will never get to see the changes without cleaning their browser's cache.

And then you will need to ask people to clear their cache (?). Well, that's utter bullshit! Don't ever ask people to clear their cache!!! NEVER!!!


The solution

Joomla already has a mechanism in place for invalidating the browser's cache, and it's called: mediaversion.

Mediaversion, in reality, is just a randomly generated string that is assured to be unique.

But if Joomla already has this functionality, why aren't we using that instead?

Well, now we can because there is a simple module that exposes this functionality.

Installation, setup